Sysmex R&D Center Europe and “academist” begin collaborating in providing academic research funds in Europe

2022/01/18 – Norderstedt, Germany

“academist” and Sysmex R&D Center Europe collaborate in exploring and granting academic research in Europe in the healthcare area at the European universities’ research labs. Scientific researchers can apply for the research funds through academist’s website.

Sysmex R&D Center Europe GmbH (hereinafter “Sysmex RDCE”) and academist, Inc. (hereinafter “academist”) begin to collaborate towards funding scientific research to researchers in the healthcare area at the European research labs.  

Sysmex RDCE dedicates R&D activities and explores seeds that will lead to the diagnostic business of haematology, urinalysis and novel technologies from Europe which will become the next-generation Sysmex technology.  

On the other hand, academist released an industry-academia collaborative support service called “academist Grant” in February 2021. The platform provides academic researchers at universities the connection to companies that can provide support in the form of research funds and grants.  

The two companies will solicit innovative basic research themes for shaping the advancement of healthcare from researchers residing in Europe by utilising academist Grant’s crowdfunding scheme. Any researchers in the field of Life Science can apply for research funds with their research themes.  

Applicants who have passed the first round of screening will hold out their research themes and try crowdfunding through academist. Sysmex RDCE will provide additional research grants to those challengers who have secured the target amount of research funds. 

This will make it possible to explore and nurture research seeds (*) incorporating opinions from various stakeholders including individual supporters. The companies are planning to announce specific application details and start recruiting researchers in February 2022. Researchers can make advance registrations on the following website, which will provide the latest information on the project, such as the start of recruitment. For further information on how to obtain research funds, please visit the academist page.  

Advance registration form: 

(*) Research with a high possibility of bearing fruit in the future 


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