Sysmex Egypt works together with the Ministry of Health to commence early screening programme for colorectal cancer

2023/10/11 – Norderstedt, Germany

Having announced the partnership at an official press conference on Sep 10, 2023, Sysmex Egypt and the Egyptian Ministry of Health are celebrating the launch of a vital strategic project that will change people’s lives and secure the future of high-quality colorectal cancer screening technology for the people of Egypt.

Cancer has long been a formidable adversary, affecting the lives of many individuals and their families. It is a disease that does not discriminate, transcending national borders, social classes and age groups. In Egypt, the disease poses a major challenge, with approximately 134,000 new cases reported each year according to the World Health Organization.

Today, we open the doors to a new chapter in the battle against colorectal cancer, with Sysmex proudly participating in the early screening project for cancerous tumours in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Health. This presidential initiative is a testament to our uncompromising commitment to a healthier, more prosperous nation, where a cancer diagnosis should not be a death sentence.

Ahmed Shawky, Managing Director for Sysmex Egypt, said, “History will witness that Egypt was able, for the second time, to assume the mantle of leadership not only in the Arab world but also in Africa.  I do not exaggerate when I say that the need for comprehensive cancer screenings is global, and we intend to address this issue, as we have already done with hepatitis screenings in our region. We are witnessing the launch and participation in the largest programme of early screening, treatment and targeting of cancerous tumours. Nearly 12 million citizens receive early screening for at least one cancerous disease, with colorectal cancer constituting the second most common cause of death in Egypt and the third most common type of cancer globally”.

Moreover, early detection plays a crucial role in the success of cancer treatment. Through this project, we are partnering with the Ministry of Health to install more than 30 instruments centres in different regions throughout Egypt to ensure that everyone, regardless of their location or social and economic background, has the opportunity to obtain tests in a timely manner. By providing early detection services, we can increase the chances of successful treatment and improve the prognosis for those affected by this disease.

Sysmex's participation in the cancer screening programme represents our firm commitment to prevention and early detection. Through the project, we aim to increase public awareness and the overall health culture of Egyptian society in all its categories. In addition, we will participate in development and training programmes for medical staff in a way that brings sustainable benefits to the health service and its quality.

Sysmex Egypt aims to train more than 4,000 healthcare personnel on examination mechanisms and dealing with examination samples. We will also contribute to the process of collecting samples for specialised centres and training centres and hospitals on the highest quality standards.

Today, with the support of the Ministry of Health, we are embarking on a journey that will touch the lives of millions. This comprehensive screening programme will target colorectal cancer and detect it in its early stages, thereby hopefully increasing treatment success rates and improving overall survival rates.

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